Before & Afters, and next to be built.

As we’ve now mostly settled into our Official Location, I’m now finally ready to continue working & building more on the project.  A lot of you have asked what is coming next, and what existing currently will be changing.  First, a before and after shot of Coenties Slip just west of Jeanette Park.


Pardon my fantastic paint skills….  The green checks are buildings kept, the red ex showing any building cut to make room for our sim.  First check on the right being God’s Lighthouse Mission building, and the far left the corner of South St. & Coenties Slip, as well as the park across the street.

The park area still has 1 addition, and some rearranging until it is “complete”.  A band stand will still need to be built, and sits at the top edge of the park as you can see in this photo:


Jeanette Park at the bottom left, the massive building is the Seaman’s Church Institute. (Yes, it’s getting built eventually as well).


But for now, up next on the list to build is 17 South Street, which will serve as a ship company, and to the left of it, 129 Broad St., which served as Broad Street Hospital.  This photo below, showing the corner of Broad Street & South Street in 1922.

Broad and South St.png

17 South Street is the tall 7 story barrow building on the right.

129 Broad Street, is the hospital, in the center of the photo.

123 Broad Street, is the tallest building behind it, and in 1922, still being constructed.  (Construction is completed by our sims existance.)  Old maps are showing this building not tied to the hospital in any way, and it’s use i have yet to assign.  Later photos have shown it tied in an L shape to 17 South Street, but not in 1926.

After all these buildings are constructed, what will be left to build is the large building in the back of that photo, corner of Front Street & Broad St, sadly photos of it are proving difficult to come by.  (Honestly though, it’s not the best looking building i’ve seen in my life….)  As i pointed out in the beginning of this post, due to me squeezing so much into a one sim space, some buildings have to get the wrecking ball.  Most likely getting removed will be all the shorter buildings behind 123 Broad St, as there won’t be room for them.



Moving to the Official Location!

I’m excited to announce we finally have a permanent home location for the sim project.  On Friday, February 10th, the purchase for our official full sim location went through.  No more moving or relocating after this!

Our old location (Prescott), will be closing Feb. 17th.  All tenants, please make sure you are moved by then.  All rental boxes are on the new sim already.  More than half of you have moved already, thank you to everyone for making this a smooth transition.

Our new, and official location: Here

Sim progress, rentals, expanding & the big move.

(Don’t worry, we aren’t moving right now.  *phew!*)

Hope everyone had a great holiday & New Years!  I am back to building and progress is being made along Northwest Front Street.  Shops and apartments have opened up, and as usual, if you see a shop space you like, please let me know.  I have added a rental board that will give you more information on pricing / options.

The current side of the block still has 3 more buildings that need to be made, the next building will feature the ‘townhouse’ unit on that side of the block.  As many of you are now aware, getting an apartment on the sim can be hard, if not seemingly impossible at times.  Please be aware, i do my best to bring as many rentals as we can have on sim, so if you haven’t had any luck, please know – more are on the way.  As far as ‘townhouse rentals’ are concerned, a couple notes.  “Townhouse” on this side of the sim refers to a 2 level unit above a shop, with 80-100 prims to rent.  Once we expand to a full sim, the other side when ‘townhouse’ is referred to, will mean actual townhouse, with a private entrance, no shop below it, and same prims for rent.  The other side will feature more real townhouse spaces, as well as apartments as usual.

Lastly a couple notes on what is coming.  There are 3 more buildings to complete this side of Front Street.  Then the next side of the street following that.  Once NW Front street has been completed, we will be onto the last block: South Street.  That street, though you can’t see it now, will be facing the water, as it does in real life New York, and will be the final street in this project.  Now, as most of you should know (if you read this blog or read the sign in the subway that’s been there since the beginning… lol) We will be moving.  Yes, moving.  Where to?  Well a full sim of coarse!  Yes this means i have to completely put the city back together again, and yes, every tenant (currently over 70 of you) will need to pick up, and make the trek to our final resting place.

What will be different once we move?  Well, not much.  Other than never having to move again.  We will finally have a water front, Jeanette Park will start to develop at the bottom of the sim, and piers will start to be built.  A note on piers though (not 100% of the pier will be accessible, most will be off-sim / decor – sims are only so big).

This big move won’t be taking place right now, there will be plenty of warning ahead of time.  Apartments stay the same, and everything is carried over.  Again, nothing to worry about, this won’t be happening until this 1/2 sim is completed.  As usual, thank you all for being a part of this project, and for having patience with it’s development.  Our traffic on sim went over 11,000 yesterday, it’s great seeing so many people enjoying the city!  As always, if you see someone out of dresscode, or have a question – IM one of our 4 admins.  Admin board is in the subway landing.

Cheers to a great week everyone, and see you around town!



Construction of NW Front Street

It has begun! The construction of North west Front Street.  Two buildings have been completed so far.  The first building behind the venue, 15 Coenties Alley and corner building: 40 Front Street are completed.

There is a sewing factory on the second floor at 15 Coenties Alley, a great place for a roleplay job working long hours.

The rest of the block will consist of a mixture of warehouses, and tenant rentals.  Most with shops underneath selling their wares.

Looking forward to completing this construction.  As always, most buildings are 100% made from scratch.  Per evidence i’ve been able to find (which is light), i’m hoping to have this completed within a two weeks. *fingers crossed*.


Celebrating the Opening of our Sim!

After much building, the original 1/4 sim has been completed.  With 34 buildings packing this quarter sim of space, it offers over 60 various rentals, from Townhouse spaces to apartments & small room rentals to furnished rooms.

To celebrate the completion of this portion, and also signal the beginning of dress code and rules, we kicked it off with a dance at our new Dance Venue with music played by Ellie Romanhov.   Complete rules are available in the new landing area by clicking the sign.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, it turned out to be a fantastic evening!  Weekly dances will continue to be held every Friday at 7:00 pm.

What prim increases mean for 1920’s New York.

As 1920’s New York is a real life recreation, the sheer volume of buildings that make up our neighborhood is very high.  It is estimated our building count will pass 100 for the entire project.  That leaves 100 shops spaces to fill with items, as well as every tenant space i’m making available, Which will also be around 100.  This isn’t counting furnished rentals, all city decor, entire speakeasies, all the street cars, the subway, the elevated train line.  I could go on and on.  A sim of this density takes strict prim budgeting, carefully made buildings, and some major planning.

For example, just in decor cars, our entire sim will end up having around 90-100 cars rezzed throughout the sim.  (See this post for more info on that project).

As a lot of you have asked in the recent weeks, about what the plan is for the prim increases in regards to rentals around the sim.  In short:  Nothing, at least not until more progress is completed, and if more prims are available, they will be given out, or made available in other rentals.

If anything, the prim increases will allow me to open more “Townhouse” rentals. Which range in the 80-100 prim range, and typically are 2 floors of space.  As many of you are interested in larger and larger spaces, instead of throwing a few extra prims to smaller rentals, i’d like to make more options available for ‘moving up’.

If any of this changes i will post an update, for now, thank you for being a part of this project!


NW Pearl St. Completed

The Northwest side of Pearl Street has been completed.  Some adjustments were made for SL:  the addition of middle building to fill the space, due to the block sizes being structured a certain way to fit a sim space.  Additionally our subway station is placed on this block, and originally was a couple blocks away from this location.

NW Pearl St SidebySide.png

Original photo on the left, recreation on the right. 




NW Pearl St. Left Side, corner building is directly across from Fraunces Tavern.


NW Pearl St Right Side

Up next: North Pearl St. West Side

Up next to build, the north side of Pearl St. on the West side of the sim. This will be the side of the street our subway is currently at.  (Which is not an actual stop, but is for sake of the sim build).

In the middle of the photo with the exterior staircases is Public school No. 134 at 67 Pearl Street, and will be home to the same school after it is finished.

One the far left of the photo (the 2 very tall buildings), once finished, will be space to 2 department stores.


Completion of Water St.

This side of water street is finally complete, and 1 more building until the block is completely filled in.  Luckily i was able to re-use 2 buildings.  One behind the current cafe, and the corner building on the left side.  All other buildings are brand new builds as usual.

Once the last building on the block is completed, i will start tackling the north side of Pearl St.  So those that lovely subway station might finally get a proper backdrop.

Don’t fall in love with the elevated train running through this street, as most of you know, it will end up running through the block south of here.  For now it will do just fine where it is until the sim expansion 🙂

Last note, if you see empty shops, it’s because i’m still planning what will be for rent, and what will be used as a city / RP shop.  As of now all apartments are rented.  More to come on the arrival of the other half of Pearl St., so stay tuned.

Thanks for all the support everyone!  See you around town




Trying to make the impossible, possible.

It’s been a dream of mine to have a city, so dense, so packed, that sunlight struggles to break through.  With hundreds of people walking about.  A city where cars are lined up and down the block at every turn.

All three of these are a constant struggle.  SL isn’t known for being limitless on prims.  Even with the new prim bonuses coming, building an entire city, renting it to capacity and decorating the entire sim is a serious challenge.  1920’s New York will have close to 100 buildings, possibly even more.

However, for one of these challenges, i decided to take it upon myself.  I decided to try my hand at making some vehicles.  All of which are non drivable, and for decoration purposes only.  So don’t think you get to just jump in and try running me over!  Most cars in SL are known for being around 30-50 prims.  Sometimes more.  Lining an entire street with cars parked randomly is just not an option.  Not when you need 10 cars on a city block, and will have over 8 blocks.  That would amount to anywhere between 2400 – 4000 prims.  Yikes.

After my attempt i’ve realized i may not be born to make and design cars, but i did find a way to make it possible.

Here is a shot looking down Water St., which is currently being built.  There are a total of 7 vehicles in this picture.  Normally they would amount to 200+ prims all together.  Here all 7 cars are a grand total of… 23.

Six cars (1926 Model T 2 Door Sedans [3 LI]), and 1 Truck. (1926 Model T Pickup.[5 LI])


The cops will never think this many cars in front of a the Barbershop is suspicious…