Trying to make the impossible, possible.

It’s been a dream of mine to have a city, so dense, so packed, that sunlight struggles to break through.  With hundreds of people walking about.  A city where cars are lined up and down the block at every turn.

All three of these are a constant struggle.  SL isn’t known for being limitless on prims.  Even with the new prim bonuses coming, building an entire city, renting it to capacity and decorating the entire sim is a serious challenge.  1920’s New York will have close to 100 buildings, possibly even more.

However, for one of these challenges, i decided to take it upon myself.  I decided to try my hand at making some vehicles.  All of which are non drivable, and for decoration purposes only.  So don’t think you get to just jump in and try running me over!  Most cars in SL are known for being around 30-50 prims.  Sometimes more.  Lining an entire street with cars parked randomly is just not an option.  Not when you need 10 cars on a city block, and will have over 8 blocks.  That would amount to anywhere between 2400 – 4000 prims.  Yikes.

After my attempt i’ve realized i may not be born to make and design cars, but i did find a way to make it possible.

Here is a shot looking down Water St., which is currently being built.  There are a total of 7 vehicles in this picture.  Normally they would amount to 200+ prims all together.  Here all 7 cars are a grand total of… 23.

Six cars (1926 Model T 2 Door Sedans [3 LI]), and 1 Truck. (1926 Model T Pickup.[5 LI])


The cops will never think this many cars in front of a the Barbershop is suspicious… 


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