Completion of Water St.

This side of water street is finally complete, and 1 more building until the block is completely filled in.  Luckily i was able to re-use 2 buildings.  One behind the current cafe, and the corner building on the left side.  All other buildings are brand new builds as usual.

Once the last building on the block is completed, i will start tackling the north side of Pearl St.  So those that lovely subway station might finally get a proper backdrop.

Don’t fall in love with the elevated train running through this street, as most of you know, it will end up running through the block south of here.  For now it will do just fine where it is until the sim expansion 🙂

Last note, if you see empty shops, it’s because i’m still planning what will be for rent, and what will be used as a city / RP shop.  As of now all apartments are rented.  More to come on the arrival of the other half of Pearl St., so stay tuned.

Thanks for all the support everyone!  See you around town





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