What prim increases mean for 1920’s New York.

As 1920’s New York is a real life recreation, the sheer volume of buildings that make up our neighborhood is very high.  It is estimated our building count will pass 100 for the entire project.  That leaves 100 shops spaces to fill with items, as well as every tenant space i’m making available, Which will also be around 100.  This isn’t counting furnished rentals, all city decor, entire speakeasies, all the street cars, the subway, the elevated train line.  I could go on and on.  A sim of this density takes strict prim budgeting, carefully made buildings, and some major planning.

For example, just in decor cars, our entire sim will end up having around 90-100 cars rezzed throughout the sim.  (See this post for more info on that project).

As a lot of you have asked in the recent weeks, about what the plan is for the prim increases in regards to rentals around the sim.  In short:  Nothing, at least not until more progress is completed, and if more prims are available, they will be given out, or made available in other rentals.

If anything, the prim increases will allow me to open more “Townhouse” rentals. Which range in the 80-100 prim range, and typically are 2 floors of space.  As many of you are interested in larger and larger spaces, instead of throwing a few extra prims to smaller rentals, i’d like to make more options available for ‘moving up’.

If any of this changes i will post an update, for now, thank you for being a part of this project!



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