Construction of NW Front Street

It has begun! The construction of North west Front Street.  Two buildings have been completed so far.  The first building behind the venue, 15 Coenties Alley and corner building: 40 Front Street are completed.

There is a sewing factory on the second floor at 15 Coenties Alley, a great place for a roleplay job working long hours.

The rest of the block will consist of a mixture of warehouses, and tenant rentals.  Most with shops underneath selling their wares.

Looking forward to completing this construction.  As always, most buildings are 100% made from scratch.  Per evidence i’ve been able to find (which is light), i’m hoping to have this completed within a two weeks. *fingers crossed*.



Celebrating the Opening of our Sim!

After much building, the original 1/4 sim has been completed.  With 34 buildings packing this quarter sim of space, it offers over 60 various rentals, from Townhouse spaces to apartments & small room rentals to furnished rooms.

To celebrate the completion of this portion, and also signal the beginning of dress code and rules, we kicked it off with a dance at our new Dance Venue with music played by Ellie Romanhov.   Complete rules are available in the new landing area by clicking the sign.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, it turned out to be a fantastic evening!  Weekly dances will continue to be held every Friday at 7:00 pm.