Sim progress, rentals, expanding & the big move.

(Don’t worry, we aren’t moving right now.  *phew!*)

Hope everyone had a great holiday & New Years!  I am back to building and progress is being made along Northwest Front Street.  Shops and apartments have opened up, and as usual, if you see a shop space you like, please let me know.  I have added a rental board that will give you more information on pricing / options.

The current side of the block still has 3 more buildings that need to be made, the next building will feature the ‘townhouse’ unit on that side of the block.  As many of you are now aware, getting an apartment on the sim can be hard, if not seemingly impossible at times.  Please be aware, i do my best to bring as many rentals as we can have on sim, so if you haven’t had any luck, please know – more are on the way.  As far as ‘townhouse rentals’ are concerned, a couple notes.  “Townhouse” on this side of the sim refers to a 2 level unit above a shop, with 80-100 prims to rent.  Once we expand to a full sim, the other side when ‘townhouse’ is referred to, will mean actual townhouse, with a private entrance, no shop below it, and same prims for rent.  The other side will feature more real townhouse spaces, as well as apartments as usual.

Lastly a couple notes on what is coming.  There are 3 more buildings to complete this side of Front Street.  Then the next side of the street following that.  Once NW Front street has been completed, we will be onto the last block: South Street.  That street, though you can’t see it now, will be facing the water, as it does in real life New York, and will be the final street in this project.  Now, as most of you should know (if you read this blog or read the sign in the subway that’s been there since the beginning… lol) We will be moving.  Yes, moving.  Where to?  Well a full sim of coarse!  Yes this means i have to completely put the city back together again, and yes, every tenant (currently over 70 of you) will need to pick up, and make the trek to our final resting place.

What will be different once we move?  Well, not much.  Other than never having to move again.  We will finally have a water front, Jeanette Park will start to develop at the bottom of the sim, and piers will start to be built.  A note on piers though (not 100% of the pier will be accessible, most will be off-sim / decor – sims are only so big).

This big move won’t be taking place right now, there will be plenty of warning ahead of time.  Apartments stay the same, and everything is carried over.  Again, nothing to worry about, this won’t be happening until this 1/2 sim is completed.  As usual, thank you all for being a part of this project, and for having patience with it’s development.  Our traffic on sim went over 11,000 yesterday, it’s great seeing so many people enjoying the city!  As always, if you see someone out of dresscode, or have a question – IM one of our 4 admins.  Admin board is in the subway landing.

Cheers to a great week everyone, and see you around town!