Before & Afters, and next to be built.

As we’ve now mostly settled into our Official Location, I’m now finally ready to continue working & building more on the project.  A lot of you have asked what is coming next, and what existing currently will be changing.  First, a before and after shot of Coenties Slip just west of Jeanette Park.


Pardon my fantastic paint skills….  The green checks are buildings kept, the red ex showing any building cut to make room for our sim.  First check on the right being God’s Lighthouse Mission building, and the far left the corner of South St. & Coenties Slip, as well as the park across the street.

The park area still has 1 addition, and some rearranging until it is “complete”.  A band stand will still need to be built, and sits at the top edge of the park as you can see in this photo:


Jeanette Park at the bottom left, the massive building is the Seaman’s Church Institute. (Yes, it’s getting built eventually as well).


But for now, up next on the list to build is 17 South Street, which will serve as a ship company, and to the left of it, 129 Broad St., which served as Broad Street Hospital.  This photo below, showing the corner of Broad Street & South Street in 1922.

Broad and South St.png

17 South Street is the tall 7 story barrow building on the right.

129 Broad Street, is the hospital, in the center of the photo.

123 Broad Street, is the tallest building behind it, and in 1922, still being constructed.  (Construction is completed by our sims existance.)  Old maps are showing this building not tied to the hospital in any way, and it’s use i have yet to assign.  Later photos have shown it tied in an L shape to 17 South Street, but not in 1926.

After all these buildings are constructed, what will be left to build is the large building in the back of that photo, corner of Front Street & Broad St, sadly photos of it are proving difficult to come by.  (Honestly though, it’s not the best looking building i’ve seen in my life….)  As i pointed out in the beginning of this post, due to me squeezing so much into a one sim space, some buildings have to get the wrecking ball.  Most likely getting removed will be all the shorter buildings behind 123 Broad St, as there won’t be room for them.




Moving to the Official Location!

I’m excited to announce we finally have a permanent home location for the sim project.  On Friday, February 10th, the purchase for our official full sim location went through.  No more moving or relocating after this!

Our old location (Prescott), will be closing Feb. 17th.  All tenants, please make sure you are moved by then.  All rental boxes are on the new sim already.  More than half of you have moved already, thank you to everyone for making this a smooth transition.

Our new, and official location: Here