Offsim streets, and not getting lost.

A huge update I’ve been wanting to do for a while has been proper off-sim areas.  This is particularly important in our sim as we are recreating a real New York neighborhood, and as such – streets continue, they don’t just magically stop with a solid row of buildings!

This is very important for many reasons.  For one, the Elevated train obviously does indeed keep going.  It’s important from a visual point of view and for immersion, to see that the EL train would normally continue going and make a left at the next block for example.   Previously seeing a flat row of buildings where streets should continue, was simply not cutting it.

Now to avoid confusion, i will be working on a series of “off-sim decoy street closures”.  Including everything from the typical “street closed / construction” barricades, to an entire street filled with market stalls for a farmers market to possibly even doing a a giant hole in the street with support beams & construction materials, looking like they are working on underground maintenance.

Keep in mind, all of these are off-sim, which means you can not in fact walk or drive on it.  If you haven’t seen the difference in the city since their placement you should come take a look, it’s almost an entirely different experience.  This photo everything in front of where i’m standing is off sim.  All buildings on the border and down the left & right sides are real buildings, the far far back row are the only flat decoys, all of which are offsim.