1 Hanover Square & Next to be built.

Next in line to be built on sim, the entire other half of Pearl Street, specifically the North side of Pearl street. The last building on that street as pictured below, is 1 Hanover Square., known as “India House”. This gorgeous buildings history is available to read at Fraunces Tavern on sim (54 Pearl Street), stop by and give it a read!

Schultz Bros

In 1923 a lovely little cafe & restaurant was there called “Stuetzle Bros.” Can’t wait to get to this building!

For the most part, that entire side of the street (and this building) are still standing today! The already finished other side of Pearl Street can be seen on the far left in the last photo.


1 Hanover Square.png

Modern Day.jpg

Looking down Pearl Street from Hanover Square.  Shown at the mid-far left, the other half of the project we have completed.