71 & 73 Pearl St.


71 and 73 Pearl View in 1919

A rare view showing 71 and 73 Pearl Street

73 Pearl Street city hall

Photo taken, 1891.  New York’s first City Hall building.  The small boy smirking at the fact that this building was both the first house of entertainment and New York’s first City Hall building.


71 & 73 Pearl Street recreated.  The shop front being the recreation of the old version of the building, with gas lamps along the building side.  The building was cornered off in the front instead of the slight curve it had when it was only 3 stories.


Nighttime at Coenties Alley.  Don’t mind the cafe chairs, i needed a place to relax after all that work!

Much more to come!  Now that 71 & 73 Pearl Street are completed, work will begin on the other side of the alleyway, from 75 Pearl Street, and up to 1 Hanover Square.  More on this as it’s built!


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