About the Project


The 1920’s New York Project is a current & ongoing project by 3d Designer, Jogi Schultz.

It’s been a long dream of mine to recreate a section of lower Manhattan, as it was in the mid 1920’s.  The year is 1926, the recreation is from Pearl & Broad street, to The Old Slip & Water street.  Because this project is built for Second Life, changes will be necessary for everything to fit into one sim.  Many buildings for example, between Jeanette Park & The Old Slip will be cut out to reach The Old Slip and it’s Police station.  The sim will easily feature over 200 rentals by completion, a large history museum located at Fraunces Tavern, an entire recreation of the first New York City subway as well as the Third Avenue Elevated train, which ran up Pearl St., through Coenties Slip and out Front St.

We are nearing the half way mark in the project.  We should hit the half way point towards the end of February 2017.  In order to continue building we will need to move to a full sim.  This will allow the waterfront, piers, and the other 1/2 sim space needed to complete the project.  More on this later.

This is a current project & is being built now until it is finished.  Every building, sidewalk, lamp, subway car, etc… has to be built as it would have been in that time.  This is a long process, and as only one person, it will take time.   With that in mind, this project is an on-going build, and will grow and expand over time.

Rentals have begun, and are frequently full.  More apartments & townhouse units will put on market as they are made.  For current renters, every rental has different rules, please see full RP rules located at the subway, and rental specific rules in your rental boxes.  In regards to obtaining ‘more prims’.  We are limited on prims, and a strict budget is followed in order to complete the entire project.  Between shops, apartments, townhouses and furnished rooms, we already offer 96 rentals.  For additional prims, a supporters gallery is open in the subway station.  Becoming a support of the 1920’s New York Project grants you 25 additional prims to use as well as my many thanks for your support.

Rentals for those interested should see the ‘available rentals’ sign at the landing.   As the sim is being built & underway, please understand that Landmarks & Locations will change.  The entire project will be moving to a full sim permanent location upon completion of the half sim in which we reside.  Early warning will be given, and plenty of time to move all of your belongings.

You can find our current location here.