1920’s NY Supporters Gallery

First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of this project.  This project means a lot to me, so thank you for donating!  Your donations help keep this project going.

Thank you to our supporters:

Supporters of the 1920’s New York Project receive:

1.  50 extra prims to be used on sim.
2.  A seat on the City Council Board.
3.  Your picturein in our gallery in-world & online.
4.  Monthly notecard of sim updates, next to come, etc..

Supporter’s monthly contribution is 5000L.
This may be paid up to 2 months in advance.
(To pay further, please contact me)

To become a supporter, please visit us in-world in Second Life at the landmark listed below.  Our in-world supporters gallery is located in the subway station, just at the top of the stairs.  To become a supporter simply pay an empty frame.
After payment, please send your photo to Jogi Schultz (yogijo), to be added to the gallery.

Your support & consideration is greatly appreciated,

Thank you!!

-Jogi Schultz
1920’s New York Project,
Owner & Creator