Sim Rules

[1920’s New York Project – Project / Sim Rules – Last updated May 11th, 2017]

#About The Project: 1920’s New York is a project entirely built by myself, Jogi Schultz.  The project is building as close to reality (and as sim space allows) a recreation of lower Manhattan, from Pearl & Broad Street to South St & The Old Slip.  Due to sim size restrictions, certain buildings will get cut out, as well as certain additions to the sim such as the subway system landing.

1920’s New York is a role-play sim.  The goal of 1920’s New York is to create a realistic experience for visitors, and the people who choose to make it a home.  The sim itself is entirely a role-play sim.  Proper dress code is required to visit and explore the sim.   Local chat is Role-play only.  Group chat is OOC.  If you want to be OOC on sim, use private chat.  Freebies are provided at our landing should you need dresscode accommodations.

Thank you for being a part of this project, your presence & support are appreciated.

-Jogi Schultz


1. Respect the rules, and know they are in place for a reason.  If you are not willing to adhere to our rules, you are not welcome to role-play here.  Here are a few overall guidelines & rules to keep in mind.  More than 1 infraction of any of these rules may result in you being banned from our sim.  This is on a case by case basis.  (should you feel you have been banned without proper cause, IM myself, avatar username: yogijo

2. Griefing:  Any griefing is cause for immediate ejection and possible banning from the sim.  No exceptions.  If you need help on what griefing is see the Second Life Wiki Here

3. Child avatars:  This is a moderate sim.  Child / kid avatars are welcome on sim.

4. Privacy:  Myself and all admins do all we can to try and make a safe and smooth roleplay experience for you on sim.  With that said, we can’t be in all places at once.  Measures are put in place to protect your privacy, but it is your responsibility to inform myself or an admin if you have any issues with this.  All apartment & tenant doors are locked and for tenant use only.   Camming and sitting on an object in order to gain entry into another apartment is not allowed.  We cannot disable camming on sim, if you feel your privacy has been invaded, first IM the person, or if you’d rather, IM myself or an admin to speak with them about it.

5. Annoyances:  No gestures, music attachments, particles, emitters or noises.  Radios are allowed, please turn these off if you leave the region.  Sound emitters such as ambient noises for events or a shop space need to be approved by the sim owner first, and like all objects on sim, subject to return if they violate this rule.  Again, this is a role-play sim, respect the space and others rights to it.

6. Excessive out of character:  Local chat is in character only.  Group chat / Private Im’s are Out of character.  If you’re using local chat out of character excessively, you may be asked to leave the sim.  I understand if it’s just you and your friend going out of character may happen.  Be aware of your surroundings.   New York is a very big and dense space.  Just on the half of the sim there are over 120 various rentals.

7. God modding / Meta-gaming:  God modding is when someones character is able to practically do anything, or when you control or predicate someone’s backstory.  Meta-gaming is using outside knowledge or OOC information for personal gain or an advantage.  This is against our sim roleplay rules.  You must have permission from another avatar(s) first before doing this.  Excessive meta-gaming in RP will lead to a ban from the sim.  If you need help on how to roleplay, please contact one of the admins, or ask in group chat, we have many helpful members willing to give you some tips.

8. Dress code:  1920’s appropriate clothing only.  No full bright outfits.  This includes hair, jewelry, clothing, anything on your avatar.

1. Women playing flappers, keep in mind a lot of “flapper outfits” are not historically correct. If you’re showing anything above the knee, you’d be in a basement somewhere dancing for cash, not on the streets walking around.  With that said, you may be asked to change by myself or an admin due to showing excessive skin.

2. Men: Suits, caps, working clothes such as cloth pants and suspenders, or similar.  Yes men’s proper clothing can be hard to find.  When in doubt, wear a suit and look your best.  Even the poor man tried their best to keep with appearances.

3. Not allowed on sim: Anything resembling, similar or close to Nazi attire, outfits or accessories. Same applies to any “KKK” items or clothing is not allowed to be worn on sim. Caught, immediate ban will take effect. No second chances. There is no excuse for this, period.


9. Cats & Dog Avatars:  Cats & Dogs are allowed to roam the sim, but are not allowed in local chat.  “Emoting” is allowed in a light manner, but not in excess.  All animal avatars must be a real living real life breed.  No excessive distinct decorations or colorings.

10. Adult activities: All adult activities have to take place behind your own owned, closed doors.  If you are caught in an adult act in public you will be immediately ejected.  There is no excuse for this.  This is a moderate sim, and as such child avatars are welcome on sim.  This is a requirement.  Caught doing this in public and not behind your own residential space will be cause for immediate ban.  No exceptions.

11. Weapons:  Weapons are allowed for roleplay instances only.  Opening gunfire on the public is NOT.  Open fire on anyone not already willing to participate on the roleplay will get you banned.  This is NOT a combat sim.  If you are Roleplaying part of the mob or a liquor salesman or the like, weapons in public spaces are to be kept out of view unless the roleplay has been approved by the sim owner.   Running around town shooting places up with leave you jailed, ejected or banned from the sim.

1. Basics:  Maximum rental of 1 apartment, 1 office & 1 Role-play shop per avatar.  Minimum initial rent time is 1 week, maximum 8 weeks.  Rent is refundable / transferable upon leaving, or to another unit if you relocate.  Rent will not be refunded if you click the notice “Will not renew”.  If you’ve done this by mistake please let me know asap.  If you are leaving the rental and would like a refund, you need to let me know.  Prims for rentals are combined for all units. Keep this in mind when counting your prims.  Sub-tenants are allowed, but are your responsibility.  If they go over prims, either you or their items may be sent back without notice.  All subtenant prims count as your own.  Please be aware of this.

2. Decor:  All rentals are required to abide by a 1920’s décor standard.  This includes your apartment.  No full bright items (lamps / lights excluded).  No breedables.  No temp rez items.  All animals if wondering, should be turned off when you leave.  No exterior items (sides of buildings), unless approved by sim owner.  No group joiners / shouting objects / welcomers, again, unless approved by myself.  No particles or emitters of any kind.  You will be notified, and object returned if not fixed within 24 hours.  Any excessive abuse of this will have the item immediately returned if it’s causing annoyance to the sim or it’s visitors.

3. Over prims:  The rental system will automatically send you a notice if you are over prims.  After 24 hours of staying over your prim limits, items will be returned you to bring your under your limit.

4. Neighbors:  New York is dense.   Probably more dense then you may realize.  You will have neighbors and most likely on every side of you.  Be mindful of how far your light & sound is traveling.  As with local chat, respect others experience, and keep local chat to RP only.  Objects sticking through walls, if not fixed after IM’d about, will be returned.

5. Friends / Tenants:  Keep in mind, you are responsible for any guests you bring into your home and on sim.  Please make sure they abide by the rules, are in dress code, and using local chat for RP only.
6. Vehicles & Rezzables:  We now offer a free car to drive around while you are on sim.  There is a car rezzer on every major block.  Rezzing your own car is a privilege reserved for tenants.  (Furnished are excluded from this).  You are required to pick up your car when you are not on sim.  If you leave the sim and the car remains, it will be returned to you.  Breaking this rule continuously may result in your objects being auto-returned when you go over prims.  (Losing this privilege).

1. Background:   The year is 1926, you are in lower Manhattan, in the Coenties alley area.  Originally a busy harbor for goods, it remains a thriving & bustling area full of shops, offices, apartments and much history.  One of New York’s earliest established districts, the neighborhood is very eclectic, well established family run businesses are here, as well as new immigrants looking to establish their claim in the big city.  Prohibition is in effect.  Speakeasies have been established in town and everyday common folks are getting in on the illegal liquor market.  Even some police have been known to look the other way for a bribe.  Not every building here is for the wealthy.  Tenement buildings and family owned buildings mix with the ever changing city surrounding them.  The 1920’s are known as a the Jazz age.  The roaring 20’s… but not everything was flashing lights and good times.  To make your way in New York took some serious effort and sacrifice.  In 1924, The Immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of immigrants coming from other countries, some countries even banned from entering.  When establishing your backstory and developing a RP, keep these things in mind.

2. Basics:  This is a role-play sim.  If you are visiting and do not role-play, stay out of local chat.  If spoken too use brackets.  ((Sorry, just visiting.)).  Apartment, Room & RP shop rentals are for Role-players only.  No god modding. (see rule above)  Respect others role-play limits, and most importantly:  Do not mix role-play with Real life.  These are 2 separate things.

3. Alts:  Having alts for sake of spying or causing drama to other people is not allowed.  Alts have their place.  If you’re looking to establish a new character & backstory, that is fine.  An alternative avatar can be fun to explore and experience new things.  Alts being used for a negative purpose, renting 2 apartments, manipulating role-play, etc… is not allowed.  We are all looking for a seamless experience here, treat others with respect.

4. Character creation:  Expanding on the Background mentioned above, your character background is important.  Being 1926, our time is before some other sims.  When piecing your character together, ask yourself…  how did you meet these people?  Where are you from?  Where you born here?  What do you do for work?  For fun?  Where is the rest of your family?  A good character is critical to any role-play for a seamless experience.  Please  do not create a character that is famous, or a real life person.  Keep in mind, role-playing a rich character might require a nice apartment, a nice car, clothes.  Most apartments in 1920’s New York are flexible, some are not. Townhouses are luxury units.  Furnished rooms are lower end and small.  Smaller low lit apartments exist as well our average apartment: which is a single floor unit, and is more flexible to a variety of income brackets.

5. Jobs / RP Shops:  Group members are welcome to role-play in our various shops set up through town.  Be aware, a lot of role-play shops are privately owned.  You may need to apply to work at that location.  In which case, IM the owner of the shop.  Various cash registers are rezzed in town that allow group members to “log in” to work that location.  A current list of available Roleplay jobs is available at the landing.

6. Don’t Stress:  Role-play is meant to be fun and something to explore and experience.  Know your limits, and what you are and are not comfortable with.  Role-play is about having a different mindset, and living that character out through that mindset.  It is meant to not only be enjoyable (for better or for worse), but will also stretch your levels of comfortability.  If something or someone makes you uncomfortable, let them know.  If you are being harassed, stalked or witness griefing, IM an admin immediately with their username and actions to that admin, or myself:  yogijo.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules.
Please IM yogijo (Jogi Schultz) if you have any further questions