The Recreation

Many of you have asked what area is being recreated.  Well, here is a collection of photos i’ve gathered in my search.  Thank you to the various sources for these photos.  In the photo below, the 1920’s New York project is recreating this neighborhood in lower manhattan:

City Overview Where we are

The area that is being recreated is located in lower Manhttan, a shipping area known as Coenties Slip.  The exact area being remade, is between Pearl & Broad Street, to the Old Slip & South Street in 1926.  Various alterations, such as street alignment, and some buildings will need to be cut out to make it fit onto a 256 sq meter sim space.  Some photos of this area you might recognize:

***Please note, not all photos shown are from the 1920’s***

Fraunces Tavern

Corner of Broad & Pearl Street.  The building in the center is Fraunces Tavern.


Corner of Fraunces Tavern, looking slightly up Pearl St.  The large white building is where our current “Nadeau – Books & Periodicals” shop is at.

old school building

This view shows Public School No. 134 (building with the exterior staircase).  Taken from the corner of Pearl Street & South of Coenties Alley. Sept. 20, 1929


Pulling back now, a shot taken from the top of the Seaman’s Church Institute building.  View looking down Front street to the left, Water street near the center, and Pearl Street on the far right, As well as where the 3rd Ave. El train ran, as it does in our sim.


Shot taken from the waterfront looking at Jeanette Park.  The huge building on the right, is the Seaman’s Church Institute building, where the previous photo was taken.  This view showing the other half of the sim that has yet to be built for this project.


27 Coenties Slip.  This building served as a book co-op, and serves the same purpose on sim.


Same building as above (white building in the center), but a wider angle shot from the church institute shown earlier.  Green check marks showing building kept for the project, red ex marks buildings i had to cut out.  Cutting these out was needed to reach the waterfront, and make part of the piers (when built) useable & able for us to walk on.  The lower part of the photo you can see the gate to Jeanette Park, as to the right the elevated train.

coenties alley partial front street

A great photo taken overlooking Coenties Slip.  As you can see the elevated train making it’s curve down Front street, Jeanette park (and it’s odd shape) in the center, AS well as the various piers and boats that have yet to be built.  ***Please note, this photo is PRE-1926, and quite some time before, and is missing buildings that would be there, such as the Church institute building***


View showing the piers and front of South Street from the church institute, and to the right.  Many if not all of the smaller buildings seen will get chopped. (Very sad i know).  But have to make room to get too……..


This gorgeous building!  New York City’s first police precinct.  This building is located at The Old Slip & South street, and is where the sim recreation will end.  It is my understanding that just north of this was a fire station as well.  You can see why i’m squeezing to make room 🙂

111 Broad St

Rare view looking North up Front street.  Thank you to Karl for finding this photo.  The large white building as you might have noticed, serves as our NY Gallery space in the lobby, as well as the ballet practice space on the 2nd floor.  Back alley added just to the left of it as well for back entrances to other buildings.


Again, earlier photo.  But showing a view looking up Coenties slip from the waterfront. You can see the corner building to the left, with the exterior staircases going to the 2nd floor, as well as Jeanette Park to the right.  Great view showing just how tall the buildings start to get once you leave the sim!  Which personally, i would like to attempt some off sim versions of some of them.

North Coenties Slip Buildings North South Street is Water St

View show the other half of the sim.  Street on the left is Water street, to the right is Front Street.  (All in this view unbuilt currently)

1904 subway kiosks

Entrances & Exit kiosks to the original NYC Subway, as you can see, ours are 100% replicas of the originals.  Our subway station is an addition to the sim, as that station did not exist at that exact location.

city hall station

Landing to the City Hall Station (which our subway station is modeled after).  Great photo showing one of the original ticket booths as well that we also have.


Old City Hall Station.  As you can see, we do not have the curve that it had, or the skylights in the center.


Last but not least (for now), The Hanover square elevated train station.  This station has yet to be built.  Our front street station is an addition  to the sim, as it would be off sim in real life.  This Hanover square station is another corner of the sim, horizontal from Fraunces Tavern.


And finally, the last corner of the sim.  Corner of South Street & Broad St.  The center building served as a hospital, as well as the tall narrow building to the right being on the most recent builds added to the sim project.